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Premium Solutions for LED Lighting, Power Factor Correction and Hydro Generators

About Us

Welcome to Phoenician Exports S.L. We help our clients understand and implement innovative LED Lighting Solutions, Power Factor Correction products and a new Stand Alone Hydro Generator. PowerLink's systems combine proprietary, cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest energy-efficiency possible.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to meet customer’s defined needs and expectations. We provide products complying with national and international standards. We have developed a process and a product quality with the participation of all our employees and suppliers together. We also undertake continuous improvement with high technology, the capacity of machinery as to provide customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Providing technical excellence to ensure that we are committed to delivering a cleaner and greener future and reducing the carbon footprint locally and globally. Supporting and promoting clean, green, secure and economically viable energy developments to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels with the aim of decreasing the effects of global warming.

Save Money on your electric bill with Power Factor Correction, Lifetime Warranty LED Lighting or eliminate your bill all-together with Hydro Generator Units.

PowerLink™ Power Factor Correction

Save up to 20% on your monthly Electric Bill, Eliminate Penalties and Prolong Equipment Life all with PowerLink Power Factor Correction.

PowerLink™ LED Lighting Solutions

View our large selection of LED Lighting and Fixtures. We provide anything from Standard Home Lighting to Commercial Lighting.

PowerLink™ Hydro Generators

The PowerLink Hydro Generator Units require no fuel and have no emissions. They provide continuous power 24/7 - 365 days a year.